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YEI - 14 May 2021

YECO resumes electricity supply in Yei town

The management of Yei Electricity Cooperative (YECO) power utility has resumed power supply in Yei town this week after two months.

The town has been in darkness for the past few months after the management shut down its engine generators due to lack of fuel and failure by subscribers or users to timely pay their tariffs.

John Jogo, YECO’s chairman told Radio Tamazuj on Thursday that the management of the facility is working to ensure an efficient, effective, and constant supply of power in the town.

“We have introduced a record system so that we know our exact users because we have been faced with a lot of problems by debtors who failed to pay us timely and other people have been using the power illegally without paying their bills so we want our clients to come into a common understanding with YECO and pay their bills even though on an installment basis,” he said.

Jogo further called on the county government to support the company in its service provision.

He said, “I want to see that the Yei County Government through the commissioner supply us with fuel for our generators and we want the government to support this facility so that there is a constant power supply in Yei town.”

Residents have complained to YECO management and the local government to ensure YECO resumes normal operations to improve security and business operations in the area.

Hakim Joel, resident at Gabat area welcomed the resumption of the power facility saying the presence of electricity will improve businesses.

“I am so happy for the resumption of YECO because it will help the business community and also the students in their studies. We need to see that the power is stable and sustainable,” he added.

Jackline Tabu, a business lady in Yei town also welcomed the resumption of electricity in the town. 

“I am so happy when I see light running in Yei town and I am urging the management of the power facility to ensure a constant supply of electricity in Yei town because a town like this cannot develop without power," she said.

“My message to the management of YECO is that they need to improve on the duration so that there are enough working hours and use of the power. Another area they need to improve is the issue of the abnormal bills affecting small scale retailers in the area,” Moses Duku a resident of Guafa residential area pointed out.