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CUEIBET - 16 May 2021

4 killed, 15 wounded in Cueibet County revenge attacks

At least four people have been reported killed and 15 others wounded in inter-communal revenge killings in Cueibet County of Lakes State on Thursday.

The killing of a chief, Mariem Yuol Malual, and two other civilians last Thursday in Acimenti village of Agangrial Payam, according to the police, was due to the earlier killing of a prison service officer-lieutenant Makuac Matuet-in Cueibet County headquarters.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Friday, the chief inspector of police in Cueibet County, Col. Machar Muorwel, said the people who killed the lieutenant Makuac Matuet are suspected to from the Ayiel section.

“The officer (Lt. Yuol) who was killed was a First Lieutenant with the prison service. He was killed by people from the Ayiel section. The people of the deceased who went and killed people in Acimenti village of Agangrial in a revenge attack are from the Pagok section of Gok community of Cueibet County,” Col. Muorwel said.

According to the police, four people have died and 15 people were wounded from both sides.

Col. Muorwell urged the government to send reinforcements to curb insecurity in the state. 

“We don't have enough forces. My message is for the government to send reinforcement forces to curb insecurity in Lakes State," he added. 

The executive director of Abieicok Payam, Makuac Chol, on his part said five people were killed on Thursday following the killing of Lt. Makuac Matuet inside Cueibet county headquarters by the suspected armed youth from the Ayiel section.

"Now, the total number of people who have died between Ayiel and Pagok sections is 6 people. An officer of prisons service, Lt. Makuac Matuet from Pagok section, and 5 people were killed in a revenge attack from the Ayiel section by Pagok," Chol said. “The family of Lieutenant who was killed in Cuiebet town went and killed people in a revenge killing.”

He said there was a de-escalation of tensions by Friday, “It was yesterday (Thursday) when the revenge killings occurred in Agangrial, but today (Friday), the situation is normal."